Durability even in moist conditions

Do your children love splashing in the bathtub so much that your bathroom is a bit flooded sometimes? With SELITSTYLE® skirtings this is no longer a problem.

They are made of 100% polystyrene making them naturally waterproof. For you and your family this means hygienic rooms without mould formation and dimensionally stable, beautiful skirtings.




For people and the environment

To produce SELITSTYLE® skirtings, nothing more is needed than resin and dye. The polystyrene resin, from which yoghurt cups are also made, is shaped using 100% renewable energy and up to 80% recycled material to conserve resources without any waste.

The décor is then directly printed on using a digital process. The SELITSTYLE® skirtings do not include PVC, plasticizers and formaldehyde and are 100% recyclable.



Even easier with the backnail

Do you often hear that baseboards are difficult to install? We have developed an innovative method for you to attach your SELITSTYLE® baseboard to the wall.

With the specially developed "backnail" from SELITSTYLE®, your skirtings can easily be attached to the wall on the back and removed at any time during renovation work. The barbs on the back nail provide a secure hold for the skirt. You can find out how to process on the reverse side.

The right size for your home

The SELITSTYLE® skirtings are available in two different sizes in order to match your home perfectly to the floor.


Of course we also have the right accessories for your skirtings. Inner and outer corners, connecting pieces and, of course, end pieces for the perfect style. The accessories are available in four different colours: white, silver, champagne, cappuccino -- just right for every style.





The processing?
Incredibly simple!

We have put together all the necessary materials for you in a SELITSTYLE® assembly kit* for the simple assembly of your skirtings.

*Available separately


For marking, ideal processing of the backnail and for striking the skirting.


Innovative fastening with the backnails — 30 pieces for 10 meters of baseboard.

Sufficient screws and dowels for mounting the backnail.

This is how to do it:

  • Place the hammering block on the floor and mark the drilling height along the upper edge
  • Drill holes along the marked line
  • Insert dowel
  • Insert the backnail in the groove of the hammering block and screw tight
  • Fix the baseboard to the wall using a hammer and hammering block
  • Cut the moulding strip to size using a standard saw
  • The skirting can also be easily attached to the wall with an adhesive

Processing video:

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